Amateur spotlight

"The Race is On"


After a couple of months of riding together she invited me to go to Holly, Colorado to watch her ride races at the track. It sounded like alot of fun so we went for the weekend. While there I was offered a job as a groom. I really liked the race horses and I went home to think about it. Well a month later I went back to the track because I had decided that 8 years was too long to wait to start working with horses. My new job was being a groom for a leading trainer and I started working with 36 head the very first day. We would start at 5:30 am, have an hour for lunch, and finish up about 7:30 pm on a normal day. This was 7 days a week. That is where the real horse education began. After several months with this trainer and moving to Raton, New Mexico, I met another trainer from Oklahoma. He offered me a job when the meet was over at La Mesa Park. I accepted because it would be alot closer to home and I was sure I would like the job.


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